~ Wisconsin Lions Camp 2014
An Essay from a camper…
"Lions Camp"
"Eat. Sleep. Repeat. That is pretty much my whole summer- but Lions Camp saves me. Lions camp is my second home. Lions camp is that place where I can see other deaf kids- and it’s totally normal! It’s the place- that for a full week, I can have a blast. Lions camp is a camp where only the deaf, blind, and diabetic can go to.
What makes this camp different are those days when you have a full schedule and fun things planned for you- it’s now like any other camp. You get to do things you can’t do anywhere else! Like come on- do you have a mud-pit just waiting for you at home? When do you get the chance to go play glow-in-the-dark dodgeball with all your friends- at 12:00 at night!? Or to enjoy swinging into the lake? That is what makes the camp so special! You get to try new things everyday! Like last summer, I tried kayaking for my first time! There are stories waiting to be told at home! I believe that every deaf kid in the world should come to this camp- and try something new.
Another thing that makes this camp so special is that people here- are just like you. They know what it’s like to be deaf. You don’t have to feel frustrated if you can’t hear them in the water, because they can’t either! They understand if I have to take the time to take care of my cochlear. We all look out for each other through the “deaf drama”, and we get through it together.
One of my last reasons on why this camp is so awesome are the people staying at the camp. The friends, counselors, and so any more people make your week a good time. The counselors are really nice, and on top of things. The counselors make sure you are at your activities, that your hearing equipment is taken care of, and that you're just simply having a good time.
And the friends that are waiting for you at the cabin. When you meet your friends at the camp- we form an alliance. We are each others picker-uppers for the week.
These reasons are the reasons why I look forward to going to camp every year. Every person that goes to this camp- knows how special it is. They know the feeling when you walk past “Louie the Lion” Because that feeling of excitement goes infinite." ~ A Camper

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"WE SERVE" is a simple description of what the Pulaski Lion's Club is all about.  We provide funds and aid to the sight and hearing impaired, we also work to provide assistance to many other worthy causes in our Community, District, State, Nation and also Internationally. 
Pulaski Lion's Club serves our community by providing Vision Screening to our local schools and daycares. One of our proudest causes is for the Lion's camp located in Rosholt, WI where special needs children  can forget everyday challenges and enjoy a fun filled week of fishing, swimming, archery, hiking trips, crafts and all the camp has to offer free of charge. 
Some of our fundraiser's include our Annual Rose Sale, Pulaski Lion's Club Golf Outing, and the Pulaski Polka Days. If you care for others and would like to serve in the Pulaski Community as a Pulaski Lion please contact us for further membership information.

"We Serve"