We hope to inspire our community  to come together and create a beautiful park where children and fur babies can have family fun and create beautiful memories together. 

Pulaski Beach and Dog Park Project-Final.jpg

  "Together We Do This"

Questions & Answers

1. Who is in charge of this project?

This is a service project by the Pulaski Lions Club; however, we are receiving donations from other non-profits, businesses, and community members.

2. What has been approved by the Village of Pulaski board so far?

  1. Removal of the concrete, grade and add beach sand along the south shore of the pond. (in progress)

  2. Treat pond from the invasive plants that are currently in pond. (in progress)

  3. Bathroom/Pavilion area (in fundraising stage)

3. Will this effect our property tax?

The Village of Pulaski clearly stated there is currently no room in the budget for this project and this project must be paid via donations. 


4. How will this park be maintained and protected? 

Both the police and parks department said because it is already an existing park they can maintain the improvements with a minimal effort. The Pulaski Lions Club also volunteered to help keep this space clean. 

5. Will this park be open to the public or residence only? 

Like the other parks in Pulaski, it will be open to the public. 

6. What about the community gardens?

The gardens are further south and will remain in tact. We will also be able to use the road for the beach and leave the gravel driveway for the garden and bike jump users. 

7. What about the dog park?

The dog park will be Phase III of this project. Although the village board is aware of it, we have not asked approval to move forward on it yet. Also, because of the feedback we received from the community, the dog park details is subject to change. 

Fundraising Goal: $275,000

$40,800 Raised

​Phase 1:

  • Pond Treatment - Funds Raised!

  • Beach Construction - Funds Reached!

  • Pavilion with Restrooms-Fundraising

Phase 2:

  • Swimming Barriers

  • Picnic Tables & Benches

  • Expandable Fishing Dock

  • Kayak Launch

  • Gravel Parking Lot (Blacktop on Wishlist)

Phase 3:

Dog Park-(location to be determined)

  • Dog Fencing

  • Dog Equipment